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Michael Erickson


Matt Tripp (Assistant Principal)

Janeen Juse (Administrative Assistant)


"Where the Spirit Soars"


Through our commitment to excellence in public education, we strive to ensure all students become life-long learners, confident and capable of shaping their future and meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow 


Through effective communication between community and school, we will promote high standards of academic achievement and foster a desire for lifelong learning. 

We value: 

• Positive life attitudes; 

• Support for each other; 

• Balance in all that we do; and 

• Working together towards success for all. 



• Academic growth; 

• A collaborative approach; 

• Recognition and appreciation of the uniqueness of individuals; 

• Well-adjusted, healthy and happy individuals; 

• Lifelong learning; and 

• Service work and citizenship. 

Education Plan

Education Plan 2014-15

Supply Lists

Grade 1 supply list 2015-16

Grade 2 supply list 2015-16

Grade 3 supply list 2015-16

Grade 4 supply list 2015-16

Grade 5 supply list 2015-16

Grade 6 supply list 2015-16

Junior Learning Assistance 2015-16

Junior Opportunity Program 2015-16

Primary Learning Assistance 2015-16

Primary Opportunity Program 2015-16