School Course & Fees

Some courses and options have associated fees, as they require specialized equipment or experiences which are not covered by provincial funding.  Click for a detailed fee report for Keenooshayo in 2018-2019.  In accordance with the School Fees and Costs Regulations 5(2)(a) and (b) the process for the consultation with parents was a presentation at the April 9, 2018 Parent Council meeting.

School Fees 2018-2019

Kindergarten Fees:

AM/PM/Full Day Kindercooking Fee: $50

AM/PM/Full Day Field Trip Fee: $160

AM/PM/Full Day Agenda & Friday Envelope: $8.50

Full Day Everyday: $320/month

Grade 1-6 Fees:

Field Trip: $75

Agenda & Friday Envelope: $8.50

Lunch Supervision: $60

Clubs, Sales & Optional Fees:

Grade 3 & LAC Primary Swimming Lessons: $47.25

Grade 4 Camp:  $145

Grade 5 Camp: $130

Grade 6 Camp: $160

Music Recorder: $10

Choir Field Trip:  $20

Choir Sing For Santa:  $10

Ski Club (3 Trips):  $123 (Pending Minister Approval)

Running Club:  $10

Grand Order of Bison Club (GOB): $20

Girls' Circle:  $10

Girls' Club:  $5

Boys' Club:  $28

Bowling Club:  $70

Bamfield Student Trip:  $1,785 (Pending Minister Approval)

Bamfield Parent Trip:  $2,000

Additional Fees:

Lost/Damaged Library Book:  $5-$25/book (Pending Minister Approval)

NSF Fee:  $5